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2006 Farmer of the Year for agricultural excellence

The awards were initiated by the NSW Farmers' Association Rural Press, RAS and the NSW Government (DPI) to recognise farmers who combine sustainability with profitability.


"The judging panel settled on Mr Johnston as the winner due to on-farm initiatives like the planting of 15,000 trees and irrigation efficiency on the lucerne, cattle and lamb property. The award also recognised his market-driven approach to the production of lucerne and other crops including vegetables, oilseeds and cereals."

Innovation & Technology Award 2009

Winner of the prestigious New Technology Award under the NFF/DAFF 2009 Innovation in Agriculture Awards. Invented by a farmer for farmers, this is a breakthrough in water-saving technology for irrigation across the country. 


The Johnston Water Management Outlet – delivers more water, measuring more accurately to save up to 30% in efficiency. The Johnston Water Management Outlet replaces the Dethridge wheel, which has been a mainstay of irrigation farming since its invention in Australia in 1910, delivering water to irrigation properties.

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