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R U R A L  P R O P E R T Y  I N V E S T M E N T

Johnston Rural Group specialises in introducing sophisticated investors to the rural property market. This innovative investment opportunity is ideal for people that have limited understanding or experience in agriculture or rural property. Our goal is to offer a stress free, passive, patient capital investment in real assets.


The objective is to combine high net worth individuals who enjoy successful business relationships and friendships. This new concept is to offer a serious, personalised investment alternative to listed products. We are asset managers not fund managers.

A unique innovative opportunity for astute investors looking for exposure to a new asset class without high fees and corporate overheads. The rural property is leased (usually by the previous owner) which de-risks the investments and becomes a passive property investment for prudent investors. Gary Johnston manages the investment process and is responsible for all elements of the identification, negotiation, acquisition, leasing arrangement and the subsequent sale of the asset. Ideally these rural property assets should be held for 5 years or more.

This concept allows successful farmers to sell all or part of their land with long term lease arrangements in place. The release of this capital can be redirected for succession planning purposes whilst also allowing the business to continue to farm for a defined period of time under a lease. A 'win win' situation for both investor and farmer.

Johnston Rural Group believes in aligning all interests. Gary believes that the fee structure should be incentivised in part from investors capital gains not the value of capital invested. His preference is to have 'Skin In The Game' so that all interests are aligned. A simple unit trust structure allows for varying degrees of investment by individuals. Each rural property investment can be customised to suit the investors needs.


This is a great opportunity for Australian investors to participate in a relatively new and rapidly growing asset class. 

T H E  P R O P O S A L

A F R  A R T I C L E

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Gary Johnston

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